Thursday, May 5, 2011

Angelus seemed to have a smile plastered on her face beneath her mask, a certain alluring sway to her step and friendly air about her. “Oh, I want to spend a lot of time with Caim… I really like him!” She sighed, approaching his trailer and knocking. She could always make new friends if he didn’t answer. She felt like getting to know a lot of people!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"I have not seen Caim in quite a while…"

She mused to herself, touching her mask gently, always checking to ensure it was firmly intact. “Perhaps he regrets what occurred between us,” She growled, beginning to walk towards Sector 2, Trailer S. She paused at the front of the building, frowning to herself beneath the safety of her mask. She wished he at least had the male parts to tell her himself, without her having to come force it from him.

Loudly, she knocked on the door and through grit teeth spat, “Caim, we need to speak.”

Monday, May 2, 2011


[ The beach here wasn’t as pleasant, which should have been expected. She had come here in hopes to actually find some peace and quiet, or just enjoy the place but the beach here was far more different than the one back at home. This one was murky and gross and it didn’t seem to be as welcoming, but yet it didn’t seem to make Aigis go away.

Walking up to the water, she prods it with her foot—-Nope she was definitely not going in that. :C ]

Angelus walked the shore of the beach, hands folded elegantly behind her back. Her mask, as always, was firmly attached to her face. She would never let it get too far from her, unless in the private company of Caim. “Disgusting,” She sneered at the water, golden eyes narrowing. “I do not like water, but even I know that is tainted,” She paused as she saw the woman ahead of her, groaning.

She had intended to socialize, hadn’t she? So be it…

"Hello," She muttered tersely, making no attempt to truly begin a lasting conversation.

operationnora replied to your post

//I think everyone’s too afraid ;A;

(( I think so too. ;A; I promise, everyone, OOC I’m very pleasant. <3 And, now that Angelus is a human, her disgust level has gone down a bit.  ))

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A plethora of new followers.

"Hmph, hello…" She bit back any anger, trying to contain herself. She hated idle chatter and she hated humans even more. This was two of them brought together. "What.. brings.. you here?" She snarled at the end of the sentence. Being pleasant was so painful.

"Perhaps I should… Socialize…"

She spat, hands clenching her upper arms as she kept them crossed, her golden eyes narrowing behind her mask. How did one go about socializing? She could not just begin some mindless babble of conversation with these imbeciles and wish for someone of some minor intellect to wander in.

"Does anyone else have a thirst for blood?"

Splendid. Simply splendid, now all the maniacs would flock to her and she would likely grow bored with them all.

Good Goddess, I loathe this place. Where has Caim gone to?